Hair Extensions-Get The Look You Want In Under Two Hours!

How many times have you sat in your hairdressers chair and asked her if she could cut your hair longer and thicker… We ask our hairdressers for miracles all the time…to be miracle workers.

Now your dreams and desires can come true… No Problem!

UltraTress Adds Beauty and Confidence

Nothing makes a woman feel more beautiful than her hair. Whether it is length, volume or luster, hair brings out the confidence all women want. With new technology, a high quality hair extension system may be the answer to your needs…

UltraTress is an all in one hair thickening and hair extension process. UltraTress is the “next generation” hair extension. It goes beyond traditional extension uses and applications. And it achieves effects that would be utterly impossible with regular extensions.

That’s why UltraTress Hair Extensions use 100% Remy Human Hair to enhance your hair’s natural beauty. UltraTress Hair Extensions deliver the look of healthy, fuller hair naturally, effortlessly, and beautifully with multiple application choices; All without compromising the quality of your own hair.

Technically Speaking…

  • Quick and easy to apply
  • Provides a range of coverage
  • Can be reused and apply where needed
  • Perms well
  • Colors well
  • Can be put fairly close to hairline and parts
  • Works well with most hair types
  • Provides density as well as length
  • Minimal hair shedding
  • Creates highlites and lowlites without chemical processing

UltraTress is the first extension method that does not require braiding, weaving, or applying harsh bonding chemicals to your scalp. It is virtually undetectable. This process can be utilized to give you that “Breck girl” look.

Call now for a consultation appointment so that we can determine the thickness, length and color you desire.

Other Extensions

We also offer other methods of attachments to meet your needs – some permanent, some temporary – including 3/4 falls, clip in and clip out. Put them where you want to achieve the look you want.

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