synthetic wigs
synthetic wigs

Synthetic wigs have come a long way in terms of improved texture, color, style and most importantly, the amount of hair they have. They wash up easily, just like washing a sweater, and styling requires just a quick fluff with your fingers. They are very light weight and most styles come in highlighted and rooted colors.

The drawbacks are heat and friction. You very likely would not be wearing your wig while cooking, but if you do and you open the oven door and look in, the blast of heat is enough to singe the front of your wig. Ditto with fireplaces, woodstoves, barbeques and dishwashers. No curling irons, blow dryers or hot rollers. If you frizz we can fix.  A short wig is going to look more natural than a long wig, and be easier to care for. If you do want a longer wig, I recommend that you get one that clears your shoulders. Long wigs are okay for occasional wear, but if you wear a long wig all day every day, the friction from your shoulders and collar will tangle and in a few months the ends will frizz. There’s no getting around it, even with the best brands. If you do get a longer wig, be sure to spray the ends with wig conditioner and use a pick to remove the tangles after every wearing and occasionally bring it in for a professional service. This will remove all the frizz.

Only use products made for synthetic hair. Regular hairspray and mousse are not compatible with synthetic fibers and will gum up the hair.

The pluses for synthetic wigs are: they are less expensive than human hair, lightweight, easy to care for, they come in a large variety of styles and colors and they look great. The life expectancy for a synthetic wig worn all day, every day and cared for properly is 6-12 months. The general guidelines for washing is every 7-10 wearings. Obviously, if you live in a warm climate or perspire a lot you may need to wash it more frequently, you also can use frebreeze to keep it fresh inside. You can tell when it needs to be washed because it loses it “oomph”. It picks up dust from the air, just like your own hair, and will lose its shine and body. If you use good products, tepid water, and conditioner, they wash up beautifully. If you wear your wig all day every day, wash it once a week.

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