Medical Hair Loss

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For those undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatments, papilla and sebaceous gland activity is sharply reduced, causing the scalp and skin to dry out considerably and leads to temporary hair loss. The Well-being Care Kit allows healthy moisturizing of the scalp during treatments and ensures vigorous re-growth after hair loss, thanks to gentle natural ingredients specifically adapted to their condition. This premium scalp health-care solution provides optimal care before, during and after chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

New Well Being Care Kit

From the beginning of the treatments:

It is as simple as
Vitascalp shampoo
Hydrascalp shampoo
After each shampoo, apply to the scalp a few drops without rinsing of
Hydrascalp lotion

1 month following the last treatment:

Clients should continue using the Vitascalp Shampoo alternating with Hydrascalp Shampoo. Then call for your first in house moisture treatment

After each Vitascalp shampoo, they should apply a few drops of Vitascalp Lotion to scalp. This active organic concentrate of amino acids, proteins and vitamins is designed to bring back body and vitality to hair, and to stimulate and strengthen the hair shaft during re-growth.

After each Hydrascalp shampoo, clients should apply a few drops of Hydrascalp Lotion to scalp to provide superior moisturizing.

terapo medik chemo scalp kit

1-2 months following the last treatment

To regain the suppleness of their scalp, it is recommended that they receive two moisturizing baths, one month apart. (Can be repeated as needed)

We have seen a decrease in “vellus Hair” or “sick” hair and the balance of re-growth has been amazing, and it feels good too.  It is great that we now have the ability to treat your scalp so that it is in the optimized condition for you to have your hair back faster!

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