turbans and scarves

Turbans and Scarves

Even if you wear a wig for work or when you go out, you’ll want something soft and easy around the house.  Turbans, berets, soft hats, and scarves are perfect  — kind of like jammies or sweats for your head.

Some women wear the same pair of sweats every night, others like to dress up a little, even when relaxing.  We offer headcovers that are flattering and fashionable. The same holds true for head wear.  Some women will have 1 or 2 basic turbans and others will have dozens of hats and scarves.

Our goal is to offer head coverings that “disappear” on your head — accessories that look great and are so comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing anything.

As your treatment progresses, you’ll discover what looks and feels best for you and you can expand your headwear wardrobe accordingly.  The nice thing about our headwear is that most items are not “made for cancer patients”.  They are fashionable hats items that you’ll wear long after treatment is over.


Turbans are a great alternative for casual comfort.  Even if your wig is very comfortable, the first thing you’ll want to do when you get home,  take it off, rub your head and put on something comfy.  They can be worn alone or dressed up with scarves and headbands or halo hair.

dark turban


Scarves are the perfect alternative to hats and turbans.  They are colorful, light easy and elegant.  Trying scarves is easier than you might think!

striped turban
blue turban
pink turban with ribbons
print turban

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