We offer a variety of wig and hair care products to maintain your wig and hair properly.

  • Wig Stands
  • Styrofoam Heads
  • Table Clamps
  • T–Pins
  • Bobby Pins
  • Wig Shampoos
  • Conditioners
  • Mousses and Sprays
  • Brushes, Picks and Combs
  • Wig Boxes
  • Brushes
  • Head Liners – wick away inserts
  • Wig Liners
  • Chin-Straps
  • Comfy Grip Gel Bands
  • Hairpiece Tape (many varieties)
  • Tape Remover
  • Bonding glue
  • Liquid Tape
  • Human Hair Care Products
  • Professional Blocks
  • Head First all Natural Products for thin and re-growing hair
  • Capillus Laser Caps for Home
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Easy-to-Apply Temporary Eyebrows

Perfect eyebrows are an important, but difficult, a part of our modern look. Temporary Tattoo Eyebrows are easy-to-apply, and affordable.

Dimples uses natural hair to make realistic looking eyebrows for clients with alopecia or undergoing chemotherapy. 

With bondable natural eyebrows, each hair is individually injected into a thin, transparent polyurethane base. With proper care, each pair of eyebrows can last up to 4-5 months.

 The hair is first colored and then each natural hair is individually injected into a thin polyurethane base. The hair insertions are done with great care to create the most natural looking spacing around the edges, while also creating a gradual density. This makes the perfect add-on accessory to complete your look. The greatest asset of Dimples Natural Eyebrows, is that they give “dimension”.  Tattoos are flat, however, Dimples Natural Eyebrows add dimension to your profile.




Keep your hair and your style

Prevents wigs and scarves from slipping off your head

Works for those undergoing chemotherapy and suffering from alopecia

Prevents headaches and bald spots

Grips to skin and eliminates the need for clips, tape, glue, or pins


The driving force for inventing Blinkies was to find a way for false eyelashes to stay on bare eyelids that didn’t have a base of natural lashes to rest upon. Regular false or fake eyelashes, found worldwide, do not offer this benefit. If you’re someone without natural lashes, you may share in this frustration. 

Blinkies are the only eyelash that will securely stay on the eye-lids of those with no natural eyelash.
Blinkies Signature False Eyelashes with a Permanent Built-In Eyeliner
Blinkies has helped thousands of people ‘Live Beautifully’ these last, and are easy to use.


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