With all the new styles, the way they are constructed and the colors available, NO!!  Especially after we customize the wig just for you.  We trim and thin most all wigs so that they are more natural looking and fit your face.  You wear your wig like hair, but with less maintenance.  You can mousse it, tease it, spike it, spray it, or even clip it.

Unfortunately, these days, most wig wearers are due to medical necessity.  But more and more people are using them as fashion accessories or just for convenience.

Most wigs weigh less than two ounces.  They are manufactured with a cap less cap and extremely soft materials for total comfort.

Your wig should fit properly and have adjustments for the proper fit which prevents slippage.  There are many methods to create security for the wig wearer.  Just ask our staff.

Prices today are quite reasonable.  Depending on what you choose, synthetic or human hair, machine made or hand tied, cap less caps or mono tops, you can expect to spend from $150.00 and up.  Custom wigs are also available.

Most do if they are medically related.  You must get a prescription from your doctor.  We are providers for most insurance companies.

If medically related, experience has suggested that at least two are needed.  Just in case.  We don’t have one of anything that we wear everyday.  If it is for convenience, or just for fun, the more the merrier.

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