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Women’s hair loss is almost as common as men’s and more common than many realize. Over 40 million women suffer from some sort of hair loss. Generally, a woman’s hair is a more important part of their look and hair loss can cause more severe psychological distress for women than men.

Hair loss in women isn’t socially acceptable… but let’s look on the positive side. There are many Hair loss Solutions or hair replacement systems for women that look fabulous.

Stress, diet, chemical processes or general health may all affect the health of your hair and scalp. With an estimated 30-40 million women affected by hair loss in the United States alone, physicians and scientists are developing technologies and treatment exclusively to help women.

There are several types of hair loss in women, temporary or permanent. The origin may be hereditary, hormonal or directly linked to a health issue, a medication or even surgery. Checking with a physician is always recommended.  The first sign of hair loss for many women occurs in a more diffused manner that is sometimes harder to detect and can begin at any age, even in teenage years. It may begin slowly and can thin gradually; female hair loss usually occurs in a slower manner and sometime goes unnoticed until one day!

One of the first sign of hair loss for many women is a widening part and sometimes thinning throughout, Women tend to keep their hair line, until they reach the menopausal age, that is when you may see some thinning in the temple area in addition to overall density decrease; in rare cases, women can see a receding hairline or bald patches.

As with men the obvious goal of a hair restoration is to create a fuller head of natural-looking hair, but other benefits come with looking younger and feeling better. You feel more confident and self-assured.

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We specialize in Custom Hair Replacement Systems where every hair system is handmade to fit each client to their exact requirements. Custom Hair Systems are produced using your hair samples and a template of the area that requires hair replacement. Choosing a custom hair replacement system enables you to design your hair replacement in terms of base materials, hair color (including gray and blends), hair type, hair density, wave pattern and curl. Both pre-custom and hair systems for women need hair samples in order for us to match the hair type and color, or you can specify a different color if you choose to. For custom hair systems we also require a template.

  • Corrective Hair Solutions is a multi-faceted approach to solving you individual thinning and hair loss problem
  • CHS isn’t just one technique, but many techniques, fashioned to create a total individualized solution that solves your unique hair loss condition.
  • Since hair loss patterns, rates of fall out, and the amount of existing growing hair you presently have vary from individual, so too does our approach to treatment options.

All we ask is for YOU to take on a new attitude about your hair loss situation. Just be cool, calm and confident about looking great. Don’t be shy or embarrassed about talking to someone close to you about your concerns, or give us a call.  Just think the best Hair loss solution or hair replacement system is waiting for you and can be yours!

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