We have over 35 years experience in the hair replacement industry and believe our experience is second to none. We use Creative Solutions hair systems and you will be amazed at the fantastic individual results you can achieve. Our aim is for the hair system to be part of you as your natual head of hair was before your hair loss occurred.

We specialize in Custom Hair Replacement Systems where every hair system is handmade to fit each client to their exact requirements.  Custom Hair Systems are produced using your hair samples and a template of the area that requires hair replacement.  Choosing a custom hair replacement system enables you to design your hair replacement in terms of base materials, hair color (including gray and blends), hair type, hair density, wave pattern and curl.  We also have a range of Pre-Custom Hair Replacement Systems that are ready to use.

For both types of men’s hair replacement systems we require hair samples. For custom men’s hair systms we also require a template and they take 4-5 weeks to be constructed. The most common, simple and most used methods to attach hair replacement systems to the scalp are: perimeter bonding and full head bonding.

  • Corrective Hair Solutions is a multi-faceted approach to solving you individual thinning and hair loss problem
  • CHS isn’t just one technique, but many techniques, fashioned to create a total individualized soltion that solves your unique hair loss condition.
  • Since hair loss patterns, rates of fall out, and the amount of existing growing hair you presently have vary from individual, so too does our approach to treatment options.


Most of our clients have been liberated from the grasp of program hair replacement studios, and they have personally started to feel more comfortable about how good they actually look by using our creative solutions hair replacements.

All we ask is for YOU to take on a new attitude about your hair loss situation. Just be cool, calm and confident about looking great. Don’t be shy or embarrassed about talking to someone close to you about your concerns, or to approach a hairdresser about your needs. Just think the best hair replacement system at a fraction of the cost, can be yours!

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