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Our clip in hair toppers offer today’s women unique solutions at each stage of hair loss. The best alternative to a full wig!

Hair loss is unique to each person and there are different levels of hair loss that both men and women can experience. You may be wondering what causes hair loss? Hair loss can be temporary or permanent and can be caused from a variety of sources such as genetics, prescription medications, anemia, pregnancy, stress, diet, cancer treatments, and more. Top pieces are a great solution for localized hair loss. If hair loss is more extensive or diffuse, wigs will be ideal. 

Beginning stages

One in 4 women experience some form of hair loss. Hair toppers for the beginning stage of hair loss offer solutions for women experiencing minimal hair loss that is temporary or permanent.

Mid stage

Hair toppers for the mid or progressive stages offer solutions for women with hair loss that has become more noticeable and may start to show more scalp.


Hair toppers for the advanced stages offer solutions for hair loss that is very noticeable and scalp is clearly visible.

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At, we specialize in hair loss solutions in the form of total and partial coverage. Our soft and flexible hair pieces come in many different forms so that you can find the right amount of coverage for any and every stage of hair loss. Our luxurious women’s top pieces, also referred to as hair toppers, are particularly popular for women who are experiencing thinning hair throughout the part.

We also have extensions in the form of ponytails to add fullness and length to thinning hair. For individuals looking to style their hair with additional volume, we offer synthetic hair buns that can be clipped onto existing bio hair. 

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