You Only Notice #BadHair

Just a glimpse into the #hairworld.  Several factors influence hair loss and among these are hormones, genes, stress, illness, childbirth, fever, drugs, cosmetic procedures, medical conditions such as thyroid disease, diet and any change in the body systems that will interfere with the hair growth cycle. It is therefore important to get the correct diagnosis as a correct diagnosis will enable the right treatment or solution to be offered. During the consultation, the patient gets the chance to have a hair scalp scanning with a diagnosis and prognosis.

Non Surgical Hair Replacement Systems

Hair Replacement systems, also known as hairpieces, hair replacements, hair systems or toupees, have improved over the past decade. Quality hair replacement systems are now refined in construction and light weight. For those with extensive baldness who require a full head of hair to be satisfied they offer a quick and nearly instant solution. Hair systems are constructed of human hair or synthetic fiber. Recent advances have made the synthetic hair much more natural in appearance and texture. A quality hair replacement system is specially constructed for an individual recipient. These systems are made of real hair, synthetic, or both. They’re designed to attach to the head for an extended period. Hair systems can work for both men and women. In fact, more and more women are opting for hair systems over wigs if the area of hair loss or thinning is small and especially at the crown area, as they can be more comfortable and look more natural.

The process of getting a Hair Replacement System

Typically clients first visit wig allure for an evaluation. The extent of their hair loss is measured. They are given information including prices, maintenance, and future schedules. Usually, it takes several days to several weeks for custom for the system to be prepared, based on the client’s preferences. While a person can get virtually any type of look, you are generally guided towards an option that looks more undetectable and realistic. With these hair systems, a fine mesh foundation has real or synthetic hairs inserted into a foundation to create the “Hair System” or hair piece. The foundations of the past were actually designed to be thicker and more durable. Fortunately, today’s foundations are much thinner to make them undetectable. However, this thinness comes at a price, literally. The thinner a system the more delicate it will be and thus it will require being replaced more often.

Once completed, the hair system is attached to the client scalp using clips, tapes, and/or adhesive. The hair system is then styled to match your existing hair.  Both custom and stock are available, but all are customized for you specifically!

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