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Nancy and the staff at Wig Allure can smooth the way for men,  women and children coping with hair loss.

For many cancer patients – male or female – hair loss is their biggest fear and, for some, it can be the most upsetting experience of the whole cancer treatment journey.

Nancy and staff understand this. We have spent almost 50 years in the hair solution business and in helping people cope with hair loss.

Nancy explains that losing a fine head of hair can change who you are, how you are perceived and can give your self esteem a serious blow; whether the hair loss is from chemotherapy treatment, medicines or for other reasons like alopecia or industrial accidents and car accidents for example.

We always want to be able to tell people that although you may not feel well, you look good enough to face the day. “The more normal your life is, it will help the treatment journey go faster, easier.

Clients are referred to us from various avenues: Hospital contacts, cancer treatment centers and by word of mouth from satisfied clients.

Most people will start to lose their hair within 14-21  of chemotherapy.  Some people also lose their eyebrows, eyelashes and body hair.

Clients can come in for a free consultation, usually two weeks before they are scheduled to start chemotherapy.  Then once the hair loss begins and if the client decides to shave their head, we recommend another visit so the wig can be refitted and styled.


At each consultation, we look at your natural hair style, structure and color and make sure that your wigs will fit perfectly, comfortably and securely.

We recommend that clients bring someone along with them when shopping for a wig. Maybe a spouse, partner or a good friend.  Make sure it’s someone who will give an honest opinion. Wig selection can be challenging. There are a multitude of styles and colors to choose from, some even have highlights and hints of gray and roots.

We recommend clients stay as close as possible to their natural look for their first wig unless they hate their hair.  Although some like to go completely wild, which makes for a fun appointment.

After chemotherapy ends, it usually takes about a month for hair to begin regrowth.

Hair typically grows a half inch per month so many people wear their wigs until the hair is long enough to be styled.  We also offer extensions and 3/4s and other alternatives to get out of your wig sooner than later.

Buying a wig can be inexpensive or pricey.  Prices start from $180 and go up to as much as $3000.00 depending on whether the client chooses real or synthetic hair.

Other many options include how they are made, whether it’s a lace front, the cap is hand-stitched or if the hair is hand-tied and what type of hair.  The synthetic blends and human hair can offer the most natural look and feel but is more expensive than synthetics.  There are also many alternatives to wearing wigs, partials, halos and hat hairs.
Wigs can be washed air dried at home but most of our clients prefer bring theirs in for us to wash, blow dry and restyle for them.  It’s easy to damage the human hair if clients have the hairdryer too hot or use curling irons.

A lot of insurance companies will cover all or a percentage of the cost so be sure to check before you start shopping, we are providers for most who cover.  You can call your insurance company and ask what their requirements are and you will need a prescription from your doctor.

On top of the very real physical and emotional concerns of the disease itself, the side effects of cancer treatment like hair loss, changes in skin tone and texture and weight gain or loss can play havoc with a person’s self-esteem.

Fortunately, today, there’s a variety of organizations that can help cope with the side effects of cancer treatment.  Programs like look good feel good include lessons on wigs and turbans, skin and nail care, cosmetics, accessories and styling.  Look Good Feel Better is as much about improving and maintaining self-esteem and confidence as it is about appearance.  Patients appreciate the free items donated by the cosmetic industry and instruction from beauty professionals while having the opportunity to spend time in a relaxed, non-medical setting with others who are in the same situation.

One of the most rewarding parts of our business is when you put a wig on somebody and they realize they look like themselves.  We care about your hair.

Please call for more info (631) 737-2850, this is just a brief incite to what we do.



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