Living with hair loss

  • TV presenter Gail Porter has suffered from depression on and off since being diagnosed with alopecia in 2005. While appearing on Celebrity Big Brother in 2014, she admitted the condition left her feeling “extremely ugly”, and told her housemates of the name-calling she has endured from members of the public.
  • Alopecia affects all ages and both sexes. It typically causes patches of baldness and in severe cases, such as Paula Kyle’s, complete hair loss on the entire body. In many less severe cases the hair regrows, typically after several months.
  • Scalp hair loss occurring in patches is referred to as alopecia areata.
  • Alopecia totalis refers to complete scalp hair loss, and alopecia universalis, total body hair loss. Alopecia cicatricial is a rare type of alopecia that destroys the hair follicle permanently.
  • There is no known cure for any form of alopecia, although there are various treatments available to help hair re-growth.
  • Thought to be an auto-immune disease, alopecia makes white blood cells (lymphocytes) and antibodies which attack bacteria, viruses and other germs. The white blood cells encircle the hair follicles and attack them.
  • It is not known why alopecia or other auto-immune diseases, such as allergies or eczema, occur but it is thought that something triggers the immune system to react against the body’s own tissues. Possible triggers include viruses, infections, medicines or other environmental factors. There is also an inherited factor which is believed to make some people more prone to auto-immune diseases.
  • The upside is that there are wonderful ways for the people who choose to camouflage their hairloss.  There full wigs or cranial prosthetics and partial hair systems “hair helpers” that can be used for smaller areas.
  • We have a large selection in house in either synthetic or human, full or partial.
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  • This is just a little insight into a huge problem for women, children and men.

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