How Can I Cover My Thinning

Hair loss can be due to a number of factors, such as hereditary, diet or lifestyle and is a sensitive issue for men and women.  Experiencing hair loss has an effect on your self esteem, lifestyle and overall appearance. If you experience mild to severe hair loss, hair thinning or even baldness and have or are seeking hair replacement alternatives such full  wigs, partial wigs or hair pieces to mask your condition, then this article may assist you in finding a solution for your specific need.

Some individuals who have experienced hair loss for an extended period have resulted to shaving their head bald. Most men resort to shaving in order to appear fashionable because the styled is easily accepted. But for most women, they don’t generally accept that option easily. If you are one of them, then you may want to covering your baldness by changing your hairstyle through the way you comb your hair. In addition, hairstylists can also design a hair cut for you to hide the hair loss.

Hairpieces, wigs, hats and other head accessories and alternatives can also be used to conceal baldness. All you have to do is to choose one that will enhance your appearance and is comfortable and wearable. In addition, there are hairpieces designed to cover a certain part of the head called hair systems or hair helpers but if you choose this route, try to ensure that the hairpiece chosen is best suited to your skin tone, and preferences. If you can’t find something appealing in stock, then you can opt to have one custom made to your specifications or have a stock piece customized. Hairpieces such as part pieces  and top of the head units are quite versatile. Depending on how they are attached you can work out in them, swim, sleep and even travel with ease of mind.

In addition to hair replacement units, you can consider obtaining baldness-covering sprays and powders which can be used temporarily to cover bald spots. It works by painting the head or filling in with colors very similar to the hair. The solution is sprayed on the head or painted and then the remaining hair is combed over it.  The latest medical technology also allows the possibility of PRP therapy or injections or hair transplants, a surgical procedure where doctors redistribute the naturally growing thick hair to the bald area of the head.

Whichever alternative hair replacement option you choose to cover your hair loss, remember that the most important thing to bear in your mind is to always consider your number one priority in obtaining one. Also, educate and stay away from treatments which you are unsure of and may contain large amounts of chemical compositions that may cause bodily harm or negative side effects. Lastly, keep in mind that you goal is to improve your appearance my minimizing the hair loss through the best and most affordable and effective hair replacement method available. Always choose a reputable salon with years of experience.  Remember you only see bad hair and great hairpiece should be undetectable.

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