Does your Wig Move?

Does your Wig Move?

This month we are high lighting a new product called The Hair Grip. The product is a two-way band that prevents any type of wig from slipping and falling. TheHair Grip Band can be worn under a hat or scarf to keep it totally secure. It is made of a double-sided crushed velour material, allowing one side to grip to the hair or skin while the other side adheres to the wig or head covering. It comes in either black or blonde or brown.

The band is comfortable to wear and easy to use. It has an adjustable Velcro closure in the back that keeps the band in place. To wear it, the user has to detach the Velcro and spread the band out. The logo should be in the left facing away from the user. The band should then be placed just a little behind the hairline with,the Velcro should be closed at the nape of the neck and the band slowly slid to the edge of the hairline. The wig or scarf may then be put on. A video demonstrating how to put the band on is also on the you tube channel and our facebook page

The Hair Grip Band must be worn snug but not tight to prevent it from stretching out. Stretching the band out should be avoided when securing it around the head as well. After six months of daily use, the band may eventually stretch out so a new band may have to be purchased. Many clients purchase several bands and rotate them.

Wig Allure recommends that the band be hand-washed in cool water with a mild detergent. After rinsing thoroughly, it should be rolled into a towel for a few minutes then laid flat to dry.

The Hair Grip Band is just one of the many products found at Wig Allure. Our main products are wigs, any type: human & synthetic, gray wigs, blond wigs, long wigs, short wigs, petite wigs, mono-filament wigs, lace front wigs, children’s wigs, and many more. All our wigs are made from the highest quality of synthetic fibers or human hair.

We offer other wig products, such as bangs on a headband, total fringe, hats with hair, and braided headbands. We also have a wide assortment of products for washing and securing wigs, brushes, pre-tied scarves, hats and turbans and other hair and fashion accessories.  Feel free to stop in for any help with any issues you have wearing your wigs and hair pieces.

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