Cold Caps or a Wig for Cancer Patients

Chances are, if you have been diagnosed with cancer or know someone who has, you have heard the term, “cold cap.” These treatments help reduce the hair loss that often accompanies chemotherapy regimens. It may seem tempting, after hearing about this treatment, to assume that a cancer wig is unnecessary. However, there are certain factors […]

Cancer experience

you can try wigs, hats or turbans, but like so much of the cancer experience there’s no single right way to do it Becoming temporarily bald is a common side effect of cancer treatment. For many, it is a difficult and all-too-visible symbol of illness and loss. Do you know why people often lose their hair while […]


FOR MANY, HAIR LOSS IS A DIFFICULT SIDE EFFECT OF CANCER TREATMENTS. HAIR LOSS CAN AFFECT YOUR SELF-ESTEEM, CONFIDENCE AND OUTLOOK ON LIFE. One of the worrisome aspects of cancer treatment is the possibility of hair loss. Many people lose all of their hair, while others undergoing treatment don’t lose any at all. If you […]
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