There are Many Hair Loss Conditions Special Only to Women

WHEN IT COMES TO DIFFERENCES IN HAIR LOSS CONDTIONS BETWEEN MEN AND WOMEN, THERE ARE PLENTY. One thing men and women have in common is that the name for the most common form of inherited (but not specifically identified by genetics or any other cause) hair loss in both is androgenic (and sometimes androgenetic) alopecia. […]

afraid of hair pieces and wigs

Reasons why People are Afraid of Hair Pieces and Wigs We all know about the old wives tales about bad “rugs”. Your grandpa or dad may have been a victim of a bad hair piece at some point or you may have seen someone walking around town with a lopsided head of hair. I know […]

Where should you donate your hair!

Where should you donate your hair? A handful of charities provide hair to those suffering from hair loss. The most popular is Locks of Love, which has come under fire recently after a nonprofit watchdog claimed the group only uses about a third of hair donated. For its part, Locks of Love has claimed that […]
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Even though most insurance companies cover wigs in the state of NY for all who need; men, women and children for chemo and some for alopecia, not every state does. THIS BILL WOULD CLASSIFY THE CHILDREN’S WIGS AS BEING PROSTHETICS AND WOULD REQUIRE THEM TO BE COVERED. This way, the insurance coverage would be the […]

Where did wigs come from

After being in the industry for 20 years, I wondered how or why did people start to wear wigs, believe it or not the trend started back in the late 1500’s but became popular because of illness. They were called Perukes or Periwig which was a man’s wig, especially the type popular from the 17th to the early […]

For all those who drive by

Many locals have been driving by our locations for the last 35+ years and wondered what is that place.  We are alternative #hair loss specialists for any and all who want, need or just have to have more hair.  We have many fixes for many issues.  You could be thinning on top or all over, […]

Thinning Hair

Over 40,000 woman summer from some sort of Hair Loss, I am hear to tell you that there are many options to give you back the hair you once had. Give a call (631)737-2850, you will be glad you did.

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