Can Dry Shampoo Really Make Your Hair Fall Out?

Can Dry Shampoo Really Make Your Hair Fall Out? Dry shampoo is a beauty game-changer for everyone who’d rather hit the snooze button and grab an extra twenty minutes in bed than waste valuable sleeping time doing battle with the hair dryer. But could this lazy girl staple actually be damaging your hair, or even […]

Living with hair loss

TV presenter Gail Porter has suffered from depression on and off since being diagnosed with alopecia in 2005. While appearing on Celebrity Big Brother in 2014, she admitted the condition left her feeling “extremely ugly”, and told her housemates of the name-calling she has endured from members of the public. Alopecia affects all ages and […]

Hair Loss Cure 5-10 years away

skin graft and reproducing skin cells amazing info below! Apr 4, 2016 02:52 PM By Dana Dovey @danadovey Lab-grown human skin may be on the horizon. Pixabay, Public Domain If there’s one thing skin can do well, it’s grow. Each month our body replaces its skin, nearly 19 million skin cells per inch — a feat […]
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