PRP for Thinning Hair

Patterned hair loss with thinning of hair is an exceedingly common concern in men and some women. The gold standard of treatment — minoxidil application, nioxin, laser treatments— all can prevent further hair thinning, but most are not very effective in re-growing lost hair without continued use. For those whose scalp is already showing through […]

Cancer experience

you can try wigs, hats or turbans, but like so much of the cancer experience there’s no single right way to do it Becoming temporarily bald is a common side effect of cancer treatment. For many, it is a difficult and all-too-visible symbol of illness and loss. Do you know why people often lose their hair while […]

You Only Notice #BadHair

Just a glimpse into the #hairworld.  Several factors influence hair loss and among these are hormones, genes, stress, illness, childbirth, fever, drugs, cosmetic procedures, medical conditions such as thyroid disease, diet and any change in the body systems that will interfere with the hair growth cycle. It is therefore important to get the correct diagnosis […]
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